Delicious Strawberries

Strawberry Chicken Salad

Delicious Strawberries In California strawberry season begins in April, peaks in June and often continues thru November.  They are packed with nutrients; Vitamin C, folate, fiber, and potassium.   Culinary Tip:  It isn’t necessary to wash and clean the fruit until you are ready to enjoy them.  When you do place them in 8 cups water […]

Beurre Bosc Pears

Did you Know… Did you know of a pear variety called, Beurre Bosc or Bosc pear? Bosc pears are a beautiful amber color, with firm dense flesh and ideal for baking.  It has a spicy-sweet flavor and usually doesn’t require additional spices. Head over to the blog for a delicious, simple, easy dessert recipe, including […]

Did You Know This About Artichokes

commercial food photography of a plate with smashed potatoes, roasted artichoke and drunken pork.

Artichokes Artichokes are a good source of vitamin C, potassium, folate, low in sodium, fat free and only 25 calories! They are also, an unopened flower bud from a thistle like plant.   Who Knew!! Almost 100% of Artichokes are grown in California.  There are 50 varieties and best purchased between March and May.   Chose compact, […]

Water Bubbling Over?

Two partially visable small rectangle trays of lasagna, 3 stacked plates, 3 forks, setting on a blue plaid checked placemat.

Did you know when preparing pasta you’ll need a Large Pot and Plenty of Boiling Water? If bubbly foam overflow is a problem add a “Small” amount of oil to the water.  Water and Oil doesn’t mix and The oil acts as a bubble-breaker! There is a great lasagna recipe and video tutorial on the […]

Can You Reduce the Acid In Tomato-Based Dishes?

a marble table with small rectangle tray of lasagna, plate of lasagna and french bread.

Did You Know You Can Reduce The Acid In Your Tomato Based Dishes? Add grated carrots to spaghetti sauce and other tomato-based dishes.  The carrots will help reduce the acidity without affecting taste! We have a great spaghetti sauce recipe on the blog and it includes adding grated carrots.  Head over to the blog for […]

Is Your Asparagus Tough After Cooking?

Asparagus in oblong serving bowl

Is Your Asparagus Tough After Cooking? You can easily tenderize it by using a potato peeler to remove the first layer of the stalk.  Then prepare as usual! We have a great recipe for Asparagus on the Blog.  Find it “HERE“

Does Your Meatloaf Crack?

platter with meatloaf, potatoes

Is Your Meatloaf Cracking? Rub water around the Meatloaf.  It keeps the meatloaf moist and, in most casers, stops it from cracking! We have a great meatloaf recipe on the Blog.  Click “HERE“ to read post and print recipe.

Fluffier Lighter Cake

Cake flour will make a lighter cake.  What if you don”t have cake flour? Try using all-purpose flour, but reduce the amount by 2 tablespoons per cup of cake flour called for. See more beautiful photography here!