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Dave & Carla

Hello!  Welcome to Foto Visualista and our little slice of the internet.   

This all started at the encouragement of dear, dear friends.  Yep, you know who you are!  Thank you!

Thinking back over the years, I always had a camera.  Nothing fancy, you know a polaroid or those little disposable one use cameras.  In my 20’s I was given a Minolta with changeable lenses.  Wow, I burned off the film.  My local photo shop loved to see me drive up.  It was frustrating and my success rate was low, lol.

Then in 2006, I was introduced to my first digital dslr and kit lens.  It was ancient by today’s standards, but I was hooked.  I read everything I could and watched video tutorial after tutorial.  I kept this up until I experienced  small successes and it was these successes that propelled me forward and onto my next “self-assignment”.  Oh my, I can’t forget Photoshop….I’m in awe of people with PS skills.  Like photography it’s an on-going education.

A short time later, while Dave and I were “window shopping” at a local camera store Dave inquired about camera lessons and was given the name of a skilled, talented and accomplished photographer.  My sweet husband arrange a lesson for me, his little Photo Enthusiast!  Oh, how my photography world exploded and to this day, Dan is our friend and my dear mentor.  BTW, I still call Dan when I’m struggling or need a push in the right direction.  Forever grateful to both my husband and Dan!  

My Photo Enthusiast path led me through many genres; flowers, animals, landscapes, macros, portraits and ……….!  You see, I’ve always been a creative person.  It is part of what makes me who I am.  I soon started competing in on-line photo competitions.  It was a great way to see how I stacked up and helped me determine if I was improving.  I didn’t do to bad and this encouraged me. 

Dave and I live in California and are near the foothills, mountains and the ocean.  We both enjoy the outdoors and spending time together on short day trips.  Now, I’m not talking about anything strenuous just slow and easy, lol.  

Dave is an avid sports fan…all sports, is very competitive and was an athlete throughout is life.  He is also creative and there isn’t much he can’t do or build!  He is funny and his humor has us laughing all the time!  It’s hard to remember when he hasn’t reported to work, always dependable and well like by his colleagues.  What I love most is the way he loves our children and family!  Oh yeah, he loves to eat and is great in the kitchen and on a grill.  It’s through his encouragement, support and companionship that has propelled me forward as a Photo Enthusiast!  

Together we make the team of Foto Visualista.