Close up of combination pizza.
I met Carla some years ago when she was referred to me for some lessons in basic photography.
Within months I began to see that she was not only a great student, but a gifted artist. Over time I have become a mentor to her, finding that she has exceeded my expectations with her creative vision.   One of Carla’s many gifts is her sensitivity to color; seeing the most subtle colors that are often not considered, and mostly overlooked. Carla has the “it” factor so sought after by those searching for fresh approaches to what they need in their businesses.  
Carla is tireless in her approach, and a true perfectionist in all aspects of her business.  She is strong in character, up to any challenge, and easily approached.  It would be hard to find someone better to partner with than Carla!  
Take a long look at her stunning work to see these characteristics: set ups, and the use of light to weave her subjects of bold and/or subtle colors into exceptional compositions!

Dan Sniffin

“As an Italian lady with a love for cooking, I am always on the lookout for recipes that look delicious, sound delicious, and are easy to make, and are delicious!  I found all this while reading the blog at www.fotovisualista.com

The photography is fabulous and immediately draws one to research the recipes.  What could be easier than having the host and hostess of the blog provide their own videos from start to finish in order for you to complete the recipe?  Carla does a outstanding job.  

On fotovisualista.com, you will find an assortment of recipes that will delight your own personal tastebuds.  As Carla would say, feel free to tweak their original recipes to make them your own.  
You won’t be sorry you checked out their blog.  I have done this and have prepared several delectable recipes that I feel comfortable in serving to company.  So, Bon Appetito and Mangiamo,” (Bon Appetite and Let’s Eat)!


Marge Accornero Raudstein

soup bowl of pasta salad and in the background a large serving bowl of pasta salad
place setting and rectangle tray of chicken & veggie kabobs and grilled potatoes.

The book I received, “A Journey Through Wine and Food”, is truly an amazing cookbook filled with amazing recipes paired with delicious wines, not to mention the beautiful photographs that set it off!

I’ve known Carla Capra-Anderson my entire life and she has always had an exceptional eye for art. As a young girl she used to draw these amazing drawings and it’s no surprise that her photography is exceptional.

She truly has an eye for placement, light, and hue. This book is a true delight to peruse as you prepare for your next meal. It’s a true delight!


Julie Ferrarese-Smith

Carla Capra Anderson is an artist with an impeccable eye for detail.  Over the years I have know her as a stained-glass artist and interior designer.  

Her latest foray into still-live photography is beautiful and precise.  She is creative and imaginative, all the while a steadfast perfectionist.  Her food photos are stunning.  

As a novice cook I so appreciate that her blogs include photos of the ingredients and a step-by-step pictorial.  Helpful and Beautiful.


Tambra Jones

Since childhood, Carla has always had an eye for design, which shows in her artistic talant.

She is an accomplished artist and through her creativity, Carla captures her subject with finesse.

In “A Journey Through Wine and Food”, her photographs seize the recipes passionately.

Carla’s has put together a little for everyone, as you can see in Foto Visualista Photography.  She inspire each of us.  I highly recommend Carla.



Debi Montanari-Valorosi