We’re Published

Beyond Excited

After months in the making, our efforts and patience were rewarded by the delivery of published cookbooks! There was laughter, tears of happiness, joy, and yes, “Excitement”. You could easily imagine our excitement, “We’re Published”!

The Cover

Because of the months with the publisher and then the printer we were not prepared for viewing the book for the first time. As the last flap on the box unfolded there was a moment of silence and then we were talking non-stop. Each of us hardly taking a breath as we gushed our pleasure over our first glimpse of the cover.

Our First Look

A book was carefully placed on the table in front of us. It was as if time stopped as we stared at the title and then moved on to each of our names and contributions to the cookbook. Both of us acknowledging that without the other we couldn’t have created this beautiful cookbook.

What's Inside

One of us, I couldn’t tell you which one of us, slowly lifted the book cover and we had our first glimpse of the pages within. Oh my, I cried as I read the acknowledgment, touched beyond belief.

The History

The winery history was beautifully written. Through the narrative, you’ll be transported in time and place and be encouraged to visit each of the featured wineries.

The Recipes

Recipes written, tested, developed, and refined to enhance the natural flavors while taking them to the next level. Recipes that tantalize and delight.


This photographer, appetizingly plated the food, selected the props, styled the sets, lighted the set, photographed, edited the images to visually tantalize, and typing and placing each recipe into the image.  To see the beautiful photography click the tab below

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