Limit The Browning Of Sliced Fruit

Filling for delicious cinnamon apple crisp in a mixing bowl.

Brown Fruit, No Worries We have tips to help limit the browning of sliced fruit

Have you ever experienced fruit browning after slicing?  Oh yeah, we all have, right?  I experienced this when preparing our Delicious Cinnamon Apple Crisp.  Here you find some tips to limit the browning of sliced fruit.

I sliced, peeled, and cored one of the apples.  I was distracted by a phone call and when I returned to my apple(s) I noticed some browning.  Yep, it was a long call, lol.  

I immediately removed any signs of browning and set out to prevent further browning.  How’d I do this? 

It’s very simple.  Partially fill a large mixing bowl with water, add two tablespoons of white vinegar, swirl to mix, and then set a colander into the mixing bowl.  As you peel, core, and slice each of your apples place them into the vinegar water. 

The acid in the vinegar water will help prevent browning.  All that’s necessary is a quick dip in the vinegar water.  You can then quickly and easily lift your sliced fruit out using the colander.  No harm will be done if you slice all your fruit before lifting them out of the vinegar water.  

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Grandmother and Mom's method

My grandmothers and my mother had their own method to avoid browning and would squeeze a bit of lemon, orange, or pineapple juice over the fruit.  This works too, but there may be instances when you don’t want to add the lemon flavor to your dish or dessert.

The vinegar water works equally as well with; potatoes, apples, pears, peaches, and avocados.  We used this solution in our Caramel Pear Pies, Apple Pie, and Cinnamon Apple Crisp recipes.   Recipes, posts, and video tutorials can be found on The Blog, and we hope you’ll have a look at our posts.

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