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Need To Ripen Fruit? No Problem!

Have you ever visited your local grocery store or fruit stand hoping to find delicious ripened fruit?  Only to be disappointed to find unripened fruits?  I sure have!  We have a simple solution for you.  Ripen Fruit…no problem!

After returning home, rinse and dry your fruit.  Place your fruits into a brown paper bag, add an apple or green tomato, and set onto your kitchen counter and in a shaded, cool, dry location.  Fruits will ripen faster when placed into a brown paper bag with an apple or green tomato.

Open the bag daily or twice a day, depending on the fruit, to check the ripeness.  Remove any fully ripen fruit and store in the refrigerator, while allowing the other fruit to continue ripening.

We found this Culinary Tip exceptionally helpful when making our delicious Strawberry Pizza.  Recipe and video tutorials available on The Blog.

Avoid storing unripened fruit in your refrigerator.  When placed into the refrigerator the ripening process will stop!  There is an exception, bananas.

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