A Journey Through Wine and Food


Book cover, spine, and back

As we departed one of the local wineries this view greeted us. It was breathtaking!

The beauty was demanding to be photographed. I fired off a few photos and then the clouds separated displaying the most glorious sun rays. I continued photography the beauty before me.

The golden light bathed the vineyard with its glow. Illuminated the grape leaves with its warmth and vibrance.

Was this a cover contender? Only time would tell.

The images were transferred to the computer. I immediately snapped a few screenshots and forwarded them to Jerilyn. Including a brief message, “Cover contender?”

I didn’t have long to wait for Jerilyn’s response….”Yes, yes, yes!”

Just like that, we had our cover shot!

Food Photography

The recipes and culinary skills produced the most beautiful dishes. They were a delight to plate and style.

Click on a photo to enlarge its viewing size.

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