Sugar Cookies

A stack of cookies placed on a kitchen towel, measuring spoons next to 3 small bowls and a bouquet of flowers.

Sugar Cookies

What’s a grandmother to do when her grandson is a selective eater?  Well, you teach him to cook with the hope that he’ll learn to love what he prepares.   Our cooking journey began about a year ago and we’ve so enjoyed the time we spend together…cooking.  Although adding royal icing to sugar cookies isn’t our first cooking venture, it is one that surprised me!

Surprised By The Little Chef

On this day, I didn’t have any plans to cook with my little chef.  I had made a batch of sugar cookies for a blog post and part of the post was also to try a new royal icing recipes. The cookies were made, as was the royal icing and they were all setting on a tray on the counter.  My intention was to decorate them the following day.  Both recipes were delicious and you can read that post by following this “link”.

Always Observant

I picked him up after an early release day from school and as soon as we entered the kitchen he spied my tray.  He approached and asked me what it was.  I’m sure he believed it was a craft project.  As we often make art projects.  

I explained, they were cookies I planned to frost the following day.  He wanted to give it a try!  I was surprised, but quickly set it up on our table.  

Let's Frost

He patiently listen while I explained and showed him how to frost sugar cookies.  Then it was his turn!  I was so, so surprised!  He carefully followed my instructions….perfectly!  He is such a detailed orientated little man!  Be sure to check out the short video!


Final Thoughts

I’m so proud of my Little Chef and am always surprised at what he’s capable of.  We’ve enjoyed the time we’ve shared and the conversations…oh my, what amazing conversations we’ve had.  Embrace the mess and enjoy cooking with your little hearts.  

My Little Chef and I have made; Scrambled eggs, pancakes, pizza, sugar cookies, donut holes, cupcakes homemade, tortillas, donuts and recently ice cream!  Spoiler alert….that’ll be our next post and video.  

Thank You

Thank you for your visit and I know The Little Chef will be excited to know you stopped by and watched his video!  


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